Phone: 289-554-8889
Phone: 647-527-9996
Hours: 10AM to 12AM
* Nail salon closes at 8PM

Our Philosophy

A key design philosophy for our spacious 5,000 square foot Markham day spa was to create a destination that goes beyond just the services provided – to create a relaxing environment where customers always feel welcome. We never want to rush you in or out the door so we created a large lounge area where you can sit and chat with friend's over tea before or after treatment. Also, refreshments and small snacks such as fruit and desserts are always complimentary, just as they would be at a friends house.

We have three guiding principles behind the services we provide - the promotion of wellness, beauty and relaxation. Wellness includes all of the important health benefits that services such as foot reflexology and massage therapy can provide. Equally important, beauty entails feeling good about yourself and trying new looks such as a fresh nail color. Relaxation is about unplugging from the stresses of modern living and letting a massage or facial melt away any tension.

Our Mission

Achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal at Discovery Day Spa. We want to treat our customers like they are family and ensure that they always leave the spa happy and refreshed. Nothing is more fulfilling to us than hearing positive customer feedback or talking to a customer that was referred to us by a friend – we live for these moments and we will do what it takes to keep experiencing them.

Markham Spa and Massage